Bayou Testers Buildig

BAYOU TESTERS has been in business since 1974 providing Certified Industrial NDT Services to the offshore, fabrication and petrochemical industries. These services include all forms of non destructive testing and visual inspection to provide Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and to determine Mechanical Integrity/Reliability.

The demand for Certified NDT/Inspection Services is steadily rising. More stringent laws and restrictions are being implemented in the offshore and petrochemical industries. Responsibilities to safety and environmental concerns and to the general public are becoming more recognized by industry officials. Liability for actions that could possibly affect the environment, safety and/or the public is generating demand for certified NDT Inspection of new and existing equipment.

BAYOU TESTERS is also keeping pace with the advances in ultrasonic testing by offering Phased Array Technology and Positive Material Identification (PMI). Bayou Testers uses phased array equipment with encoding capabilities to provide a permanent record of the scans.

BAYOU TESTERS will meet this demand by providing quality technicians that have been certified by or in accordance with industrial organizations which govern the inspection, maintenance, repair, and the fabrication of offshore and petrochemical equipment.

Positive Material ID