At Bayou Testers, our employees are certified based on government and industry standards according to procedures as per ASNT-TC-1A. Our proprietary training processes ensure that the quality of each job is unimpeachable. Trained technicians are constantly keeping up to date on specifications and integrating new technologies to create the best possible product for our customers. When your project demands excellence and a sense of assuredness, Bayou Testers is your number one choice for all of your Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection needs.

We also have proprietary safety procedures which integrate with any existing safety plans to ensure that not only will your job be performed correctly, but it will be completed safely. Our policies establish dedicated work crews to perform work on your jobsite so that as they become familiar with your standards and practices for quality control and safety your project can continue in the most efficient manner possible.

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To Work at Bayou Testers:

Our hiring procedures are intended to ensure that we select the best applicants and can continue to hire the highest quality of employees.

If you’re interested in working for Bayou Testers, here is our procedure:

Complete employment application and interview with operation manager.

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Get 40 hrs radiation Safety Certificate or must go through our 40 hr radiation Safety Course

Have individual take physical, drug and alcohol test

Fill out necessary paperwork

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