At Bayou Testers, there is no single concern greater than safety. We have implemented and adhere to stringent safety requirements for all of our personnel and equipment. Our personnel are required to attend regularly scheduled safety meetings, in which these safety meetings include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Review existing Company Safety Policy.
  • Receive input and discuss ways to enhance safety.
  • Review Clients Safety Requirements and Procedures.
  • Receive input concerning any Safety Hazards that may have developed.
  • Determine and take immediate action to correct any Hazard.
  • Discuss and review any NRC or DOT requirements concerning Radiation.
  • Adhere and at all times be in full compliance with all Regulatory Agencies’ requirements.

All of our employees are required to stay current and strictly adhere to your individual safety requirements for your facility. It is the policy of our company to send the same personnel to your job site, as this insures that the open lines of communication between company and client stay open. In addition, it ensures that they stay familiar with your safety regulations. In the event that a substitute technician has to come in, he or she will be fully familiar with your individual requirements.

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