Bayou Inspection Services, Inc., commonly referred to in the industry as “Bayou Tester’s,” is a provider of NDE and has been an integral part of the Onshore / Offshore Construction Industry, Petrochemical Industry and Oil & Gas Industry for over 34 years. As industry and governmental regulations increases the demand for more advances technology also increases.

On August 1st, 2008, Bayou Testers added an Advance Service Group which includes ASNT Level III, AWS-CWI, 510 & 570 Inspectors, UT Phased Array Technology and Positive Material Identification (PMI).


ASNT Level III (RT, MT, PT UT, VT) 2) AWS –

CWI Inspectors, API Certified Inspectors

Phased Array Technology – Phased Array Technology generates an ultrasonic beam with the capability of setting beam parameters such as angle, focal distance, and focal point size through software. Furthermore, this beam can be multiplexed over a large array. These capabilities open a series of new possibilities. For instance, it is possible to quickly vary the angle of the beam to scan a part without moving the probe itself. Phased arrays also allow the replacement of multiple probes and even mechanical components. Inspecting a part with a variable-angle beam also maximizes detection regardless of the defect orientation, while optimizing signal-to-noise ratio.

Benefits of Phased Arrays – Phased arrays technology offers the following:

  • Eliminates the need to move people from the area as required when using radiation sources. (No boundaries, no delays)Software control of beam angle, focal distance, and spot size
  • Multiple-angle inspection with a single, small electronically-controlled multielement probe.
  • Greater flexibility for the inspection of complex geometry
  • High-speed scans with no moving parts.
  • Produces an image of the product that can be printed and stored for our customer.

Alloy Analysis Technology (Positive Material Identification) Alloy chemistry and Grade ID for PMI, NDT & Quality Control – The innov-X XRF has become the preferred analyzer for petrochemical, production/power and fabrication industries. It is widely accepted for alloy verification in nearly every major refinery, the nuclear power industry, and by leading alloy producers and fabricators.

  • Positive Materials Identification (PMI) – Grade ID – No arc created – Removable handle to test through insulation ports, other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Engineered for in-service PMI, proven on surface temperatures up to 900F.
  • Fast, precise analysis of difficult grade separations 304, 321, P91, many low-alloy steels.
  • Flow-accelerated Corrosion (FAC): the best handheld for low Cr measurements (down to 0.02% in carbon steels.)
  • Metals Industries, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications
  • Fast alloy grade and chemistry verification.
  • Multiple, fully editable grade library standards for fast comparisons to published specifications. –UNS, SME, Mil Spec.
  • Simple, fast data download with confirmatory spectra.
  • Print Material Test Reports quickly and easily.
  • Original test data fully encrypted to avoid tampering.
  • Biomedical measure low FE concentrations in cobalt alloys.

At BAYOU and ATH, safety is of the utmost importance. We boast one of the lowest employee churn rates in the industry. We understand that our dependable, motivated personnel are keys to our success.



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